Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Let’s chat about more about my book, Mumma Shana.

Rather, I’ll talk – you listen and then click on the Amazon link to buy my book. It will be a best seller any minute now and I’ll have to raise my price. (grins) I’m calling on the Law of Attraction here.

Mumma Shana is my phonetic use of the Yiddish Mah-meh Shay-na which is a common term of endearment for a young girl.  Dorie Mitchell, the main character, is Mumma Shana. She is adored and cherished by her grandmother who calls her by this beautiful name. At first glance of the title, one might think this is a “Jewish” story and perhaps would not be interested in reading in that genre. I must admit I struggled with the title for just that reason but in the end decided to use it because as you will see when you read it, the character, Mumma Shana, is the very essence of the story.

Many of my family and friends have read my book and loved it. Of course they did. They would never want to hurt my feelings but, I needed someone beside dear old Aunt Sally to validate me before I put this in print. Boldly, I took the plunge and asked complete strangers to read it. I received nothing but positive feedback there too. Fabulous.  I’m feeling empowered now.  Then it dawned on me that up to this point my readers have all been Christian. Nothing bad about that but the protagonist in the novel is a young Jewish girl who is unsure of her religious beliefs and wants to explore Christianity. This is a huge No No in most Jewish households.   How would the gentle bubbie readers attracted to my title on Amazon react to this? Oh the controversy (grins again).

This story is already chockfull of controversy; abortion, alcoholism, adultery, child abuse,- you can pretty much pick your poison here.  Then there is the BIGGIE. A Jew who finds Christ. Yikes. I can hear the tearing of garments as parents turn their backs on their children and mourn their loss. Well perhaps I am being a bit overdramatic but it has been done. Have you ever seen Fiddler on the Roof? And Chava only married a Christian – she didn’t become one. Oy vey.

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  1. I'd like to think that I am a tough critic and I think that your book rocks.

  2. Thank you Sami! I appreciate your support!