Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Connecting With Your Guardian Angel

This is the third and last part of the series on your guardian angel. 

I find this guide to be an easy and effective method of meeting your guardian angel for the first time.
Lay or sit down in a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. I usually light a candle before meditating but it isn’t necessary. Make sure you uncross your arms and legs so that you have a complete flow of energy.

Close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Breathe slow, long and deep. You will begin to feel yourself relax as you focus on your breathing. Conscious breathing is about opening your breath (life force) of God, which gives your soul the flowing energy of love and compassion. This way of breathing allows you to consciously become aware of the flow and essence of your Divine Spirit connection.

As you relax, picture yourself being enveloped in a beautiful, pure white light; the light of God. Picture the light coming down through your head (crown chakra) and slowly moving down your entire body until you are completely full of light. Allow the light to expand and create a protective bubble around you. Breathe slowly as you understand that you are safe. No harm will come to you as long as you are encased in this loving white light.

You are never alone. You have a guardian angel. Right now he or she is standing beside you. You are going to learn to envision who they are, and maybe even get their name. Take a breath and exhale. We communicate with our angels through the heart so it must be open to allow the love to flow in. Inhale and center your thoughts into your heart as you exhale. Feel your loving heart open and expand. Breathe deeply and exhale once again into your heart, feeling it expand.

Slowly become aware of your angel next to you. Your third eye will start to open as your crown chakra expands from the light of God running through it.  Feel your heart connect to your guardian angel who, is standing on your right side. He or she will step around in front of you directly in front of your third eye (located in the center of your forehead). As your angel comes into focus you will start to get a mental picture of him or her. Inhale deeply and slowly exhale. Your guardian angel comes into focus now. Can you feel the energy from your angel?  Is it a male or female? In that second you will know. Don’t question yourself. Your first thought is the right thought. Your minds eye will see.

Take into details the clothing your angel is wearing. Look at the beautiful and graceful hands presenting a perfect image of comfort and love as he who she reaches out to you. Breathe in and out and focus on your angel’s face. What does he or she look like?  See the gentle smile. Look into your angel’s eyes and see the eternal love of God shining through. Take a moment and lose yourself in your angel’s eyes as you bathe in the divine connection to God.

Your angel is here to work with you and to help and guide you. Your angel is your guardian– your loving protector. Breathe in and adjust to the energy. Ask your angel’s name and it will be given to you through the mind. If you don’t quite catch it ask again and ask for clarity. Even if you’re not sure about the name you hear, your angel will be so happy to have any name you wish to give him or her. One will come to you. Repeat the name slowly to yourself several times in your mind so you may remember it for all time. Look at your angel’s face and say his or her name over and over. Think of how beautiful it is and how this name fits your angel. You’ve known your angel’s name your entire life even though you were not conscious of it. Your angel’s beautiful smile expresses joy that you now know his or her name. Your angel wants you to call on him or her whenever you need love or guidance. You can always talk to your angel. Feel the beautiful blessings of having a guardian angel always with you. You now know how your angel’s energy feels.  You’ve felt it your whole life. Now you understand who this warm and loving energy belongs to.

 Inhale and exhale as your angel comes gently back around to your right shoulder. Feel the chakras close back comfortably. Make sure to thank your angel for all of the guidance and love you receive from this connection. Inhale and exhale again. Slowly open your eyes and take a few more breaths before you sit or stand.

I always like to ground myself after a connection. There are many ways to do this. I will probably write about this at a later time. For simplicity sake the easiest thing to do is to drink a glass of water or walk barefoot outside in the earth for a few moments.

I would love to hear about your experiences in meeting your guardian angel. The experience will be different for everyone but the energy will always be a warm and loving one. Please post and share.  <3

Monday, January 13, 2014

We All Have A Guardian Angel

To meet your guardian angel you must first believe, really believe without a doubt that he or she exists. It is important for you to know that your angel is around you and is probably reaching out right now trying to get your attention. Angels vibrate on a higher level of frequency than humans. Often we cannot see or hear them but we KNOW they are there.  Angels guide us and will often direct us to what we need to learn or understand in our daily lives.

Many times angels will try to communicate with us through numbers. Numbers are the language of the universe and the angels speak it fluently. Often we will see a succession of numbers repeating themselves on a regular basis. Perhaps you will see them on a license plate or on a calculator or clock. The angels will use numbers, among other ordinary things in your daily life, to get your attention. The angels hear you. Ask to be shown a sign. All you need to do is ask and be open to what you receive. The more you learn to accept and understand this mode of communication the more you will be able to communicate with your angel.

 Your angel is the little voice that whispers in your heart for angels know only love. The messages you receive will only come from that loving place.  If you feel your heart stir with an idea or emotions that will bring love or bring help to another person or living thing, this is your angel speaking to you. When you are sad ask for comfort. When you are angry or jealous or doubtful ask your angels to replace those unhealthy emotions with something positive. You can ask your angel for anything. TRUST that it will be done if it is in your highest good. Remember to always be grateful and say thank you for any help you have received. Angels will only guide us with the highest and most loving intentions.  Never fear that they will try to take over and control your life. It cannot happen. God gave man the gift of free will and nothing can take that from us. The angels will not interfere with that free will.

I’ve read quite a few books on how to meet and become acquainted with your guardian angel. I’m not going to recommend any particular book because I feel that it is best for you to ask your own angel for the guidance in this matter. He or she will direct you to the material you need to learn or read when it is the time for you to understand it.  In my own personal experience I have only been given bits of information at a time. Growing in spirituality is like walking down an endless hallway and unlocking the next door. There are an infinite number of doors as there is an infinite amount of knowledge in the Universe. We can never learn it all here on the earthly plane.

Meditation is the key to meeting your guardian angel so my suggestion is to start with that. Do a bit of online research and learn how to meditate. It’s not complicated and you will feel relaxed and refreshed. You don’t have to spend a long time doing it. A few minutes a day will work but I guarantee you will find that you will want to spend more and more time meditating. You don’t have to sit cross legged like a yogi. Find a comfortable and quiet place to relax where you won’t be disturbed. Sit or lay down – whichever you find is more relaxing for you. The best time to mediate is first thing in the morning. You are less likely to be tired and fall asleep.

Meditation has incredible benefits for our physical and spiritual bodies.  The key to meditation is proper breathing. Angels are pure spirit, and you can raise your vibration and enhance your connection to their world simply by using breath techniques (breath is synonymous with spirit). By becoming aware of your breathing, you become aware of your spiritual nature, for breath is life.  You can use your breath to elevate your consciousness to the realm where the angels dwell. The breath is the gateway to the sacred angelic dimension. When you become aware of your breathing you connect to your spiritual self.

Please do a little research on meditation. I will update soon with some suggestions on how you can meet your own personal guardian angel.   Feel free to comment here or to like my Facebook page, Spiritual Readings by Dana. I’m always happy to talk about spirit. 

Love and Light 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Do You Want To Meet Your Guardian Angel

Do you know your guardian angel? This angel is with you from the beginning of your birth in the physical world and will be with you until you transition. Everyone should know their guardian angel. He or she has never walked the earth but is true spirit – a light being. Do not confuse your guardian angel with a spirit guide. A spirit guide is someone who has once incarnated on this planet and is now in spirit.. Your guardian angel is an amazing being of light. This angel loves you no matter what you do or don’t do. They love unconditionally and love only you. You and only you are their sole purpose. It is your angel’s job to be with you at all times. They are to here to help you but you must ask for assistance. God gave us the gift of free will and the angels cannot interfere with that. However, if you ask, they will help you. The idea of a guardian angel transcends time, culture and religion. Every culture that I have studied has within it the concept of a guardian angel. Guardian angels are universal. Do you want to learn how to meet yours? <3

Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Friday everyone! 

It's been awhile since I've posted. Life has been crazy busy but in such a good way! I'm very excited about a number of things coming up over the next few months - the least of which is the expected arrival of my new granddaughter in October!

On September 9th, I received the Second Degree in Usui Reiki Healing and am now empowered to use this ancient healing tool with love, wisdom and compassion. I'm very excited to send this universal healing energy to all who seek it. More about  Reiki another time..............

Today I just wanted to say  hello and share with you another wonderful review of my book by a reader on Goodreads.com. I particularly enjoyed this review because it was written by a man who provides an interesting perspective. Although Mumma Shana doesn't fall into the romance genre, the story does have romantic elements. More importantly, this reader picked up on the struggle Dorie has between Judaism and Christianity and  how it profoundly affects her life. THIS is the element of the story I wanted to bring to my blog. THIS is the element around which I wanted to create a buzz and generate thought provoking discourse. So, thank you to my reader, Gregory whose review I hope will begin a fabulous exchange of opinions and discussions. <3

Excerpt from Review on Goodreads.com


Mumma Shana is a novel that explores what it is to be trapped by tradition. Dorie a Jewish woman finds love caught between the cracks of two faiths: Judaism, and Christianity. She looks for an answer to fill the gaps in her life. At first she thinks this is with guys. She looks for her knight in shinning armor, only to find men whose shine has lost its luster. She finds herself in relationships that abuse her as a woman. However, she holds onto a hope that she will find the glue to connect the pieces. The mosaic will make her whole in a shattered world.
I do not believe that reading Romance Novels makes me a better guy. I find Romances to be a good gateway to understanding my wife and friends. at Mumma Shana by Dana Wolf is my romance for the year. The author asked me to read this book, and I was given a review copy. As it was a bit girly the book took a little prodding from the author to finish it. I am glad I got prodded.

I am in love with the main character Dorrie, I want to save her and build a place for her, that is if I was not married. The book is a pleasure and shows one woman's thoughts towards the men she loves. I came away with a fuller sense of the magnitude of love in my marriage. A great book for any man that asks, "Why does she feel this way?" Why do women stay with creeps? Why did my wife stay with me when I was an asshole? This book is a piece of beauty although tragic.

Mumma Shana has great insight. I also love the description of her struggles with fitting into a Goy and Jewish world. This has been a struggle for me and my family for ever. My mother had an orthodox conversion from Christianity (Lutheranism) to Judaism. Then I found Christ in my life and could not let go. The whole emotional playground is profound, and I am thankful that a writer has attempted to write of the struggle in a way that is real, authentic, and enriching. *

Monday, August 20, 2012

As my friends know, I am NOT a huge fan of Barack Obama. I was criticized for not voting in the last presidential election. I'm very opinionated (haha) but with the exception of making it abundantly clear that I think Bush and Cheney ruined this country, I don't usually take a public stand with regard to politics. But, I gotta say, Paul Ryan scares the hell out of me.

Personally, I find the whole abortion issue distasteful but I do, however, believe in a woman's right to make the choice in certain circumstances and, I don't believe our government should tell us what we can and cannot do with our bodies. There should be a clear separation of church and state. This is only one of the issues on the Romney/Ryan agenda. Please take a few minutes to read and research about these men and be informed! Ask yourself if you want your daughters and granddaughter's reproductive futures legislated by clueless old men in congress simply for political gain. Ryan's ideals could set the women's movement back decades.

Again, I'm not a fan of Obama but a non-vote for him is a vote for Romney, his 13% tax bracket and a whole lot of other scary things that go bump in the night.

Here's a couple of blurbs from the Obama-Biden website.

Paul Ryan would take us backward on women’s health:
Ryan cosponsored a bill that could ban in-vitro fertilization, as well as many common forms of birth control, including the pill. It could also ban all abortions, even in cases of rape or incest. He supported letting states prosecute women who have abortions and doctors who perform them.

Paul Ryan would take us backward on equal rights:
Ryan voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which helps women fight for equal pay for equal work. He voted against repealing the discriminatory policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and supports writing discrimination into the Constitution by amending it to ban gay marriage.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Have you ever considered, Dana, that having aced time and space again and again, with more "gold medals" than you know who, you're here this time simply for the love of the game? Just to smell the earth? To lend a hand? Comfort a stranger? And, maybe for old times' sake, to manifest an amazing self published book on kindle like it was a morning cup of coffee, even though you're way past having to prove anything?


I do, 

 The Universe

Monday, July 30, 2012

Goodreads is a social network for readers. It boasts the title of the world’s largest site for book readers and for book recommendations. Almost 7,000,000 people have added more than 230,000,000 books to their “shelves” This is a great place for casual readers and for bookworms alike. You can keep track of what you’ve read and what you would like to read.  Goodreads can also help you find your next favorite book through the many ratings and reviews left on the site by its members. There are no fees involved. Anyone can join and anyone can review a book.

Many indie authors use Goodreads as a tool to promote their independently published books by joining the various groups and forums in order to network on the site. Using different methods such as giveaways and contests, authors promote by having members read books in a particular genre for free and, in turn, the member will write an honest review of the book they’ve read.  The review will appear publicly under the searchable book title. It’s a win-win situation. Interested readers can read books for free and authors can get the exposure they wouldn’t ordinarily have without the backing of a major publishing house.

Of course, there remains the chance that someone will give your book less than 5 stars and send you spiraling into a dark depression.  I think that’s just the chance you take when you put yourself out there.  Not everyone will like your subject matter. Not everyone will describe your writing with the glowing adjectives your mother would use.  We all want to write the next bestseller and all of us want to be the next Stephen King. Obviously, this dream won’t be realized by most writers but you will never know unless you actually take that leap of faith.

So far, I’ve been fortunate. I have really good reviews on both Goodreads and Amazon.
I’d like to share a couple of the reviews I’ve received there. You can see the actual reviews and others by following the link to my book page.  If you’re a reader, this site is definitely worth checking out!

A 5 Star Review from E. Ravencraft……………..

“This is not usually the type of story I seek out, and the writing style is very different from my usual read, but I have to say that I REALLY liked this book. I found myself drawn in, wanting to know what happened to our heroine at the end. The characters seemed very "real" and easy to relate to--even the ones that you didn't like. As you read you found yourself thinking "I know someone like that," and it made the book enjoyable even though it dealt with some very harsh themes such as divorce, teen pregnancy and domestic violence.

The writer is very vivid in her descriptions and right off I had this picture in my head of our heroine, Dorie, a put-upon young girl who becomes a lovely woman that just cannot seem to catch a break. Even in all of her sorrow she is beautiful, you can feel how much she loves, whether it is the man in her life, her grandparents or her child. This was a truly touching story.”

A 5 Star Review from R. Milanese……………….

“I absolutely loved this book. Downloaded it on my kindle. Mumma Shana is a true page turner, from the very first word to the very last, couldn't put it down. You will laugh with main character Dorie, cheer for her, cry for her,and feel her pain in the pit of your soul. Recommend this book highly!”

A 4 Star Review from R. Crain…………………..

“Wow, what a story! Dorie, the main character, was so completely believable and her story heartbreaking. I don't know the author's background, but her insight into her character seemed so spot on. I wonder if she doesn't, sadly, have some experience from which she drew on when it came to creating Dorie's world around her.

A very powerful and moving tale, Mumma Shana follows Dorie from childhood into adulthood. And what a journey it was! Seemingly always seeking out the love and acceptance every child, and adult, craves, Dorie fought her way through one incredibly dysfunctional relationship after another. Constantly searching for freedom from the demons that plagued her from a very early age, Dorie struggles to understand and overcome where she's come from and where she's going.

I don't really want to say too much about the story itself, because I don't want to ruin it for anyone else. It's worth the read though! “