Monday, July 30, 2012

Goodreads is a social network for readers. It boasts the title of the world’s largest site for book readers and for book recommendations. Almost 7,000,000 people have added more than 230,000,000 books to their “shelves” This is a great place for casual readers and for bookworms alike. You can keep track of what you’ve read and what you would like to read.  Goodreads can also help you find your next favorite book through the many ratings and reviews left on the site by its members. There are no fees involved. Anyone can join and anyone can review a book.

Many indie authors use Goodreads as a tool to promote their independently published books by joining the various groups and forums in order to network on the site. Using different methods such as giveaways and contests, authors promote by having members read books in a particular genre for free and, in turn, the member will write an honest review of the book they’ve read.  The review will appear publicly under the searchable book title. It’s a win-win situation. Interested readers can read books for free and authors can get the exposure they wouldn’t ordinarily have without the backing of a major publishing house.

Of course, there remains the chance that someone will give your book less than 5 stars and send you spiraling into a dark depression.  I think that’s just the chance you take when you put yourself out there.  Not everyone will like your subject matter. Not everyone will describe your writing with the glowing adjectives your mother would use.  We all want to write the next bestseller and all of us want to be the next Stephen King. Obviously, this dream won’t be realized by most writers but you will never know unless you actually take that leap of faith.

So far, I’ve been fortunate. I have really good reviews on both Goodreads and Amazon.
I’d like to share a couple of the reviews I’ve received there. You can see the actual reviews and others by following the link to my book page.  If you’re a reader, this site is definitely worth checking out!

A 5 Star Review from E. Ravencraft……………..

“This is not usually the type of story I seek out, and the writing style is very different from my usual read, but I have to say that I REALLY liked this book. I found myself drawn in, wanting to know what happened to our heroine at the end. The characters seemed very "real" and easy to relate to--even the ones that you didn't like. As you read you found yourself thinking "I know someone like that," and it made the book enjoyable even though it dealt with some very harsh themes such as divorce, teen pregnancy and domestic violence.

The writer is very vivid in her descriptions and right off I had this picture in my head of our heroine, Dorie, a put-upon young girl who becomes a lovely woman that just cannot seem to catch a break. Even in all of her sorrow she is beautiful, you can feel how much she loves, whether it is the man in her life, her grandparents or her child. This was a truly touching story.”

A 5 Star Review from R. Milanese……………….

“I absolutely loved this book. Downloaded it on my kindle. Mumma Shana is a true page turner, from the very first word to the very last, couldn't put it down. You will laugh with main character Dorie, cheer for her, cry for her,and feel her pain in the pit of your soul. Recommend this book highly!”

A 4 Star Review from R. Crain…………………..

“Wow, what a story! Dorie, the main character, was so completely believable and her story heartbreaking. I don't know the author's background, but her insight into her character seemed so spot on. I wonder if she doesn't, sadly, have some experience from which she drew on when it came to creating Dorie's world around her.

A very powerful and moving tale, Mumma Shana follows Dorie from childhood into adulthood. And what a journey it was! Seemingly always seeking out the love and acceptance every child, and adult, craves, Dorie fought her way through one incredibly dysfunctional relationship after another. Constantly searching for freedom from the demons that plagued her from a very early age, Dorie struggles to understand and overcome where she's come from and where she's going.

I don't really want to say too much about the story itself, because I don't want to ruin it for anyone else. It's worth the read though! “


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