Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Friday everyone! 

It's been awhile since I've posted. Life has been crazy busy but in such a good way! I'm very excited about a number of things coming up over the next few months - the least of which is the expected arrival of my new granddaughter in October!

On September 9th, I received the Second Degree in Usui Reiki Healing and am now empowered to use this ancient healing tool with love, wisdom and compassion. I'm very excited to send this universal healing energy to all who seek it. More about  Reiki another time..............

Today I just wanted to say  hello and share with you another wonderful review of my book by a reader on I particularly enjoyed this review because it was written by a man who provides an interesting perspective. Although Mumma Shana doesn't fall into the romance genre, the story does have romantic elements. More importantly, this reader picked up on the struggle Dorie has between Judaism and Christianity and  how it profoundly affects her life. THIS is the element of the story I wanted to bring to my blog. THIS is the element around which I wanted to create a buzz and generate thought provoking discourse. So, thank you to my reader, Gregory whose review I hope will begin a fabulous exchange of opinions and discussions. <3

Excerpt from Review on

Mumma Shana is a novel that explores what it is to be trapped by tradition. Dorie a Jewish woman finds love caught between the cracks of two faiths: Judaism, and Christianity. She looks for an answer to fill the gaps in her life. At first she thinks this is with guys. She looks for her knight in shinning armor, only to find men whose shine has lost its luster. She finds herself in relationships that abuse her as a woman. However, she holds onto a hope that she will find the glue to connect the pieces. The mosaic will make her whole in a shattered world.
I do not believe that reading Romance Novels makes me a better guy. I find Romances to be a good gateway to understanding my wife and friends. at Mumma Shana by Dana Wolf is my romance for the year. The author asked me to read this book, and I was given a review copy. As it was a bit girly the book took a little prodding from the author to finish it. I am glad I got prodded.

I am in love with the main character Dorrie, I want to save her and build a place for her, that is if I was not married. The book is a pleasure and shows one woman's thoughts towards the men she loves. I came away with a fuller sense of the magnitude of love in my marriage. A great book for any man that asks, "Why does she feel this way?" Why do women stay with creeps? Why did my wife stay with me when I was an asshole? This book is a piece of beauty although tragic.

Mumma Shana has great insight. I also love the description of her struggles with fitting into a Goy and Jewish world. This has been a struggle for me and my family for ever. My mother had an orthodox conversion from Christianity (Lutheranism) to Judaism. Then I found Christ in my life and could not let go. The whole emotional playground is profound, and I am thankful that a writer has attempted to write of the struggle in a way that is real, authentic, and enriching. *

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