Monday, January 13, 2014

We All Have A Guardian Angel

To meet your guardian angel you must first believe, really believe without a doubt that he or she exists. It is important for you to know that your angel is around you and is probably reaching out right now trying to get your attention. Angels vibrate on a higher level of frequency than humans. Often we cannot see or hear them but we KNOW they are there.  Angels guide us and will often direct us to what we need to learn or understand in our daily lives.

Many times angels will try to communicate with us through numbers. Numbers are the language of the universe and the angels speak it fluently. Often we will see a succession of numbers repeating themselves on a regular basis. Perhaps you will see them on a license plate or on a calculator or clock. The angels will use numbers, among other ordinary things in your daily life, to get your attention. The angels hear you. Ask to be shown a sign. All you need to do is ask and be open to what you receive. The more you learn to accept and understand this mode of communication the more you will be able to communicate with your angel.

 Your angel is the little voice that whispers in your heart for angels know only love. The messages you receive will only come from that loving place.  If you feel your heart stir with an idea or emotions that will bring love or bring help to another person or living thing, this is your angel speaking to you. When you are sad ask for comfort. When you are angry or jealous or doubtful ask your angels to replace those unhealthy emotions with something positive. You can ask your angel for anything. TRUST that it will be done if it is in your highest good. Remember to always be grateful and say thank you for any help you have received. Angels will only guide us with the highest and most loving intentions.  Never fear that they will try to take over and control your life. It cannot happen. God gave man the gift of free will and nothing can take that from us. The angels will not interfere with that free will.

I’ve read quite a few books on how to meet and become acquainted with your guardian angel. I’m not going to recommend any particular book because I feel that it is best for you to ask your own angel for the guidance in this matter. He or she will direct you to the material you need to learn or read when it is the time for you to understand it.  In my own personal experience I have only been given bits of information at a time. Growing in spirituality is like walking down an endless hallway and unlocking the next door. There are an infinite number of doors as there is an infinite amount of knowledge in the Universe. We can never learn it all here on the earthly plane.

Meditation is the key to meeting your guardian angel so my suggestion is to start with that. Do a bit of online research and learn how to meditate. It’s not complicated and you will feel relaxed and refreshed. You don’t have to spend a long time doing it. A few minutes a day will work but I guarantee you will find that you will want to spend more and more time meditating. You don’t have to sit cross legged like a yogi. Find a comfortable and quiet place to relax where you won’t be disturbed. Sit or lay down – whichever you find is more relaxing for you. The best time to mediate is first thing in the morning. You are less likely to be tired and fall asleep.

Meditation has incredible benefits for our physical and spiritual bodies.  The key to meditation is proper breathing. Angels are pure spirit, and you can raise your vibration and enhance your connection to their world simply by using breath techniques (breath is synonymous with spirit). By becoming aware of your breathing, you become aware of your spiritual nature, for breath is life.  You can use your breath to elevate your consciousness to the realm where the angels dwell. The breath is the gateway to the sacred angelic dimension. When you become aware of your breathing you connect to your spiritual self.

Please do a little research on meditation. I will update soon with some suggestions on how you can meet your own personal guardian angel.   Feel free to comment here or to like my Facebook page, Spiritual Readings by Dana. I’m always happy to talk about spirit. 

Love and Light 

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